V. Roadmap

The roadmap provides a clear and comprehensive overview of the key milestones and objectives of the R3T project. This section highlights the strategic initiatives and goals that the R3T team is working towards and serves as a guide for stakeholders to understand the direction and progress of the project. The roadmap is constantly evolving and will be updated regularly to reflect the latest developments and achievements of the R3T team. It provides a clear picture of the journey ahead and serves as a tool for stakeholders to track the progress and growth of R3T over time.
Review Phase 1 - The Beginning 2021
Development of ideas & founding a company ✓ team building ✓ First online appearance ✓ Foundersale & Early Bird Sale Release of the RET platform ✓ Expansion of the team ✓
Phase 2 – Optimizing and Perfecting -2022 Q1 – Q3
Expansion of the team ✓ Revised online presence ✓ Start of further pre-sale rounds ✓ Publication of staking contracts ✓ Decentralization of the platform ✓ Presentation of first real estate projects ✓ Community trips to Kosovo Community ✓ building in Germany, Switzerland, Austria ✓ Last R3T pre-sale ✓
Phase 3 - Preparation for launch and further development - Q4 2022
Completion of pre-sales ✓ Release of the R3T Ranch ✓ First AMAs in Germany ✓ Technical developments of the platform ✓ First offline R3T event in Germany ✓ Launch preparations ✓ Set up and publish a marketing plan ✓ Building the international community Decision ✓ Last R3T pre-sale on Pinksale Over $2.3M Raised since June 2021 ✓
Phase 4 – Launch, Last Presale, 1st construction project
Launch of first real estate project Onboarding of ambassadors ✓ Huge Marketing campaign ✓ International AMA's ✓ Building International Communities ✓ Numerous videos from popular YouTubers ✓ VIP guests for the offline launch event in Germany ✓ Pink sale presale Listing on CMC/CG ✓ Listing on Pankaceswap at the end of March✓
Phase 5 - Expansion
Exchange Listing on Top 20 Crypto Exchanges ✓ Community trip to Kosovo & Albania Launching big partnerships Initial plans for own NFT project DAO development Attendance at trade shows Video documentation about the construction ✓ Proof of Value (show profits transparently) Sale of the first apartments Buybacks and burnings
Phase 6 – More Real Estate Projects
Start the Next Real Estate project in Pristina Build some schools and kindergartens in developing countries Planning often the first project in Albania and Croatia Build over 400 Apartments until 2026 Planning our first own R3T Hospital
Phase 7 – New Blockchain & Real Estate Technologies
Build the first NFT based hotel in Europe Tokenization form Real estate in developing countries Get Real Estate NFT's with our R3 Token Creation of a real estate NFT platform