Key Team Members

The Management Team at Real Estate Token (R3T) is a talented and experienced group of professionals who bring a diverse set of skills to the platform. Each member of the team brings a unique set of expertise and experience to the table, which allows them to tackle the various challenges and opportunities that the platform presents.
Management Team at a Glance
Kay Schiefner - Co-Founder & CEO
Kay has 5 years of experience in the areas of strategy, partnerships, and innovation in financial services, retail, and technology. He was previously a freelance consultant for several international financial companies in the cryptocurrency field. He continues to advise both individuals and institutions on financial matters and is responsible for the operational and strategic planning and management of the sales policy.
Michael Eicke - Co-Founder
Michael has gained 6 years of experience in finance and has a deep understanding of risk, compliance, and the blockchain ecosystem. As a co-founder of Real Estate Token, he is responsible for secure and strategic investments. He also continues to advise institutions interested in the blockchain technology.
Qendrim Bajraktari - Co-Founder & Project Manager
Quendrim has been an entrepreneur in the real estate, construction, and event industries for 13 years. He supports entrepreneurs in developing high-performance teams and building highly scalable organizations. As a project manager of Real Estate Token, he is responsible for the selection of real estate projects and oversees the entire building development to ensure that the construction project can be carried out as planned.
Sabine Späth - Chief Marketing Officer
Sabine brings over 40 years of experience as an entrepreneur in the events industry. She has built the oldest fashion agency in Germany over the past 42 years. With her long-standing experience and knowledge, she supports RET as an entrepreneur, event organizer, and marketing specialist.
Joshua Krueger - Community Manager
An experienced community manager in the BSC ecosystem who has built many known communities in the space.
He worked 3 years as Banker in germany and is also in the Cryptospace since 4 Years!
Phil Haslinger - Marketing Manager
Owner of a web3 marketing agency based in europe has key skills in social media marketing and niche knowledge in the BSC space. He started his crypto journey back in 2017 and never looked back, as one of the core KOLs in the German speaking region he provides lots of expertize and skills to the Real Estate Token project.