🌏The R3T Ecosystem

Disclaimer: Owning R3T does not mean having fractional ownership of any type of real estate.

With the sale of the build properties, Real Estate Token company generates profits of which 25% are invested in token redemptions on the respective exchanges. Through this, the company supports the formation of an expected sustainable price stability, liquidity as well as a steady growth of the R3T. The R3T bought up will be irrevocably removed from the market through a burn. This creates a deflationary effect that can positively influence the price of the R3 Token. The project is thus one of the few in the crypto market that buys back and burns its token on the exchange to promote the price and support the community. This will create a true interface between the token, the company and the projects.

10% of all profits generated will be donated to social projects such as building schools and kindergartens.

65% of the remaining net profit will be invested in further housing projects, which in turn will create further profits for the company and the token.

The ecosystem is an additional big factor influencing the price and liquidity of the token. This is the biggest selling point for the R3 token, because the user can participate through the R3T Ecosystem. The bigger the real estate sales become, the more the R3 Token can profit from them.

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