The R3T Token

Token ecosystem. The token allows individuals from all over the world to participate in the company's vision and to become members of an ever-growing community. The R3T token is used as a governance token for the ecosystem, from participating in DAO voting’s to earning rewards and staking tokens.
The following are the key functions of the R3T token in the Real Estate Token ecosystem:
A. Governance Token:
The R3T token allows individuals to be part of the Real Estate Token Ecosystem and enjoy the deflationary aspect through buy backs and burnings. This offers a unique opportunity for individuals to be part of the Real Estate Token Ecosystem without the traditional barriers to entry.
B. Staking:
The R3 Token can be staked, which allows individuals to earn more R3T. This is done by locking up a certain amount of tokens for a specified period, during which the holder can earn additional tokens as a reward for supporting the network. The staking mechanism incentivizes token holders to support the network, increasing the security and stability of the system.
C. Rewards Distribution:
The R3T token is used to distribute rewards to the community. This includes rewards for participating in real estate deals, staking tokens, and other activities that support the growth and development of the ecosystem.
D. Ranch Token (RT) Purchase:
The Ranch Token can be only purchased via: join.r3-token.com.
E. DAO Participation:
The R3T token is also used to participate in the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) of Real Estate Token. The DAO is a decentralized, community-based governance system that allows token holders to vote on proposals and make decisions about the direction and development of the ecosystem. By participating in the DAO, members of the community can have a say in the future of the project and help shape its development.
F. Future Product Purchases:
Finally, the R3T token can be used to purchase future products offered by Real Estate Token. This includes NFTs, services, and tools that the company plans to develop in the future. The R3T token serves as the currency for accessing these products and services, providing an easy and efficient way for individuals to access the benefits of the Real Estate Token ecosystem.
The R3T token is a unique digital asset that offers a combination of benefits for its holders.
Bonus: To further incentivize token holders, 25% of the company's net profits will be used to buy back R3T tokens on the open market. The purchased tokens will then be burned, effectively reducing the total supply of R3T tokens and increasing the value of remaining tokens.
Social Interest: In addition to its technical and economic visions, Real Estate Token is committed to implementing social projects in emerging countries in Europe. To this end, 10% of the company's net profits will be used to build schools and kindergartens in communities in need. This demonstrates the company's commitment to creating positive social impact and improving the lives of those in need.
Community: The Real Estate Token project is community-based, and the community plays a key role in its success. By offering a range of opportunities for community participation and allowing members to have a voice in the project, Real Estate Token is dedicated to fostering a strong and engaged community. Members can provide input and feedback, collaborate on initiatives, and work together to achieve shared goals. Through this close-knit community, Real Estate Token is able to bring together individuals with diverse perspectives and expertise, helping to drive innovation and growth for the company and its members alike.
R3T Token Tax
5% Buy - splitted into: 2% LP 3% Company and Marketing
5% Sell - splitted into: 2% LP 3% Company and Marketing